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in the news... in a sad way.

I'd heard about the death of wrestler Chris Benoit Monday because I work at a newspaper. the name wouldn't have meant anything to be if it weren't for the fact that his theme song was written by my favorite band. as it turned out, it was a murder-suicide, with Benoit having killed first his wife, then his 7-year-old son, before hanging himself.

what throws it into the extra-weird (and relevant to this community) category is that Benoit's son, Daniel, had Fragile X Syndrome.

Both the AJC article and the Associated Press one label Fragile X as "rare," though the AJC then contradicts itself a bit by explaining how common it is.

to me, "rare" implies that few people have heard of it, or that very few people have it. Fragile X doesn't have quite the name recognition of autism, but it IS the most common inherited form of mental retardation -- which makes it far from rare, if you ask me.

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