Pagmatic (pagmatic) wrote in fragile_x,

I have FX

I'm a 39 yr old male who has Fragile X. All my male cousins have the kind that causes severe retardation. I guess I got lucky.

In my adult life I've felt like a kid most of the time. I guess that's why my wife and I are separated? She wants a divorce :( She said that it feels like living with a ten year old. I thought that perhaps I have some form of autism; but after doing some research; I'm pretty sure that autism "comes with" FX. Does severe depression come with it? I haven't found many case studies that determines whether a FX Adult can live a functional life. I sure feel dysfunctional. Again, my 8 year marriage is over. It saddens me. My therapist thinks I'm disabled (duh!).

I'm a freelance artist. My site is :) I've heard that autistic people are really good at art.

I also have Dandy Walker Syndrome; which is a whole other story.

Sometimes I wonder if my life is worth it.

I'm glad to have found this community. I hope it stays active.

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welcome! i believe you are the first full-mutation male in the community, though I could be wrong ... in any case you offer a unique perspective. while the community is right now not that active, i encourage you to post a lot, and maybe we can get it active :)
I figured out that FX and autism are the same thing (?). If I do have autism; it would explain alot about why my life's had way to many down moments.

I'm adding you to my friend's list. I just posted something that you may find interesting (pretty much what I just said)

The term "full mutation" sounds like I'm a freak or something. Perhaps it's the word "mutant"?
sorry i've been slow in getting back to you :)

fragile x and autism are not one and the same. fragile x can cause autism, and is on the autism spectrum, but not everyone who is autistic has fragile x and vice versa.

sorry if "full mutation" is weird sounding -- that's the sciency term. i'm pre-mutation as a carrier, myself. :) i'll add you back to my f-list now.
Welcome Back :)

After doing some extensive reading, I figured out the whole FX and Autism relationship. When I move I'll get my chromosomes checked and see what's going on.