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Its the Little things.

1. My son sat through Wall-E all the way to the end. Did not get up, did not get upset, did not get overly excited (though he did get excited). He enjoyed the movie through its entirety.

2. I took my son to the gym yesterday to go in the kids club as we were leaving I asked him to get his backpack and he replied "Okay". This girl, about his age, looked and me and said "he can talk?!" I said "When he wants to, but you should talk to him even if he doesn't". She said "Oh I do." I said "Good, its good for him." She then said goodby to him and he waved.

3. The "Yes please" and "Okay" that has been happening a lot after being asked to do something or asked if he wants something.

4. Turning on the TV to the channel he likes on his own.

5. This morning I told him to give me the hair brush his hair. He didn't see the one that's normally downstairs. He disappeared upstairs and came back with one from his grandmothers room that we don't normally use.

6. Having his own opinion. He's showing me more and more of what he wants and how he wants things.

7. While its annoying for me as an adult, it makes me smile inwardly as a parent when he refuses to get out of bed in the morning because he doesn't wanna get up for school. He pulls the blankets over his head, the pillow. He'll go to my room and climb under the covers to hide. Etc.

8. The "right there" "Right here" and "I don't know" that goes along with most questions.
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