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In California

If you're in California, you know that the state is in a major crisis. Just recently the state voted to cut funding for Supported Employment programs by 10%. For our program that's a loss of 40 grand per year, for some larger programs its 40 grand a month. If you dont know what supported employment is, its employment for people with disabilities, in the community, with supervisory support from a job coach whether in a "group" or individual basis. The goal is to work toward Individual and fade out the job coaching to minimal or non existant.

Now the state is pushing for a 3% cut over and above that for not just supported employment but for ALL programs. We've been at a rate freeze for 10 years. Some organizations like mine barely pay above minimum wage for job coaches and not much above that for case managers. These cuts will, of course, make those rates of pay go down yet the quality expected to remain the same. It is unreasonable to ask someone to work for 8 dollars an hour to help another human being or, sometimes, four other human beings learn to be independent. It is especially unreasonable when you consider some people get paid more to say "would you like fries with that?"

My son is 8, I am terrified of what California may or may not even have left for services when he becomes an adult. Our children face an extremely uncertain future in a place that does not even consider them to be important enough for support. This, of course, leaves them to the streets or to developmental programs which are nothing more than psych wards, rather than productive members of teh society. The state is helping them become MORE dependent upon revenue from the state, rather than independent of it.

If this appalls you, like it appalls me and you live in california, please tell your assemblyman. Tell them to stop taking away from our children's future. Tell them to stop taking away from the adults that are just struggling to have a good life.

Thank you
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