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Fragile X
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Curious about Fragile X? Are you, a friend or relative affected by Fragile X Syndrome? this is the place for you.

Everyone is welcome, educators, medical professionals, carriers, family and those affected.

Note: Flame wars, hateful language and mistreatment of others will not be tolerated. One warning, and you're out.

This community is maintained by misslynn. Please e-mail her with any questions. Please also note that she is a spelling and grammar nerd, and looks kindly upon those who use spellcheck. Excessive and purposeful "AOL-speak" or "leet-speak" may cause deletion or banning.

members might also be interested in prenataltesting.

New members: Please make an introductory post! Tell us a little about yourself, how you are affected by FraX, and so forth.


Fragile X Syndrome is the number one inherited, genetic cause of mental retardation among males in the U.S.
It is caused by an x-chromosome linked weakness that can mutate when passed on from mother to son (or, less often, daughter). Affected individuals often display autistic traits such as hand-flapping, rocking and other repetitive behaviors. It is considered an autism spectrum disorder. Other symptoms include ADHD, sensory difficulties, and anti-social behavior.

for a more complete explanation, please visit the National Fragile X Foundation's website

a group meetup that you might be interested in:

International Fragile X Meetup Day

be well.